Needle Aqua was born for True beauty and to give the gift of painless beauty. Needleaqua uses True Skin Permeate Technology to infuse aging skin with an abundance of moisture and nutrition over time. Each day for 2 hours: a small habit that will bring beauty back to your skin from the inside

Selected U.S. Economic Magazine of Forbes The most innovative cosmetic products 10

Export and sell 10 million products to the United States

Developed and tested by Yonsei University Research Institute, alongside leading microstructure specialists and world-class technology businesses, as a high-quality French hyaluronic acid raw material.

Korea, America, Japan, China Acquisition of four countries patent

Restore the time of the skin WRINKLE NEEDLE PATCH

For dry, barren skin with loss of elasticity and visible pores; experience the miniscule aqua-needle patch, made with 99% naturally moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

One bottle's worth of skin essence in a single Needle Aqua patch.

Hyaluronic acid and EGF equivalent to one bottle's worth of essence is absorbed into skin with the use of just one patch.

  • Best European Quality. 100% Pure Hyaluronic acid
    Effectiveness through chemical composition antioxidants, and purity
  • Utilizing the world's first Droplet-born Air Blowing (DAB) Technique
    Needles thinner than a pore reach the skin`s core
  • Facial-area optimized needles Micro aqua needle 300/350㎛
    Active skin-improving ingredients penetrate deep into the skin

Micro aqua needle patch, infusing your skin with moisture from the inside-out

By releasing hyaluronic acid in solid particles smaller than pores, the NEEDLE AQUA hydrates parts of the skin that topical cosmetics cannot reach.

1 Micro aqua needle 300/350㎛
The micro aqua needle releases active ingredients
hyaluronic acid, EGF, vitamin C into the skin's surface,
at a thickness one-third of that of a human hair.
The active ingredients dissolve and are absorbed into the skin,
creating a re-volumizing effect.
2 Hydrocolloid moist band
The hydrocolloid moist band protects the skin
from the outside by creating a barrier to hold in moisture.
Through ingredients with excellent healing
properties and minimal side effects.

Improvement to skin hydration & Lines around the Eyes and Mouth

4 Weeks of Clinical Trial Results

Korea institute of dermatological sciences / 20 people / 4 weeks / Line around the eyes and mouth / Difference between individuals
  • EYE BANANA 300
    Improving wrinkles around the eyes Hyaluronic Acid | Vitamin C | Rucinol
    With a texture specially formulated for sensitive skin,
    The EYE BANANA 300 gives you bright and
    moisturized eyes thanks to Hyaluronic acid,
    Vitamin C, and the whitening properties of Rucinol
    Improving lines around the mouth Hyaluronic Acid | EGF | Retinol
    Containing hyaluronic acid, cell renewal factor, and
    retinol ingredients powerful enough to tackle even
    deep lines around the mouth.
    The SMILE WINGS 350 helps create a smile that
    is bright and full of life
  • WATER CUP 350
    Improving frown lines Hyaluronic Acid | Vitamin C | Rucinol
    WATER CUP 350 helps prevent frown lines. While ingredients
    hyaluronic acid, cell renewal factor, and retinol. Help bring
    back the soft, youthful look of your face.
    Double function anti-wrinkle and whitening patch arrageenan Extract | Glacial Water |
    Aloe Vera Leaf Extract | Ceratonia Siliqua Gum
    Double function anti-wrinkle and whitening Alaska glacial water
    patch intensely moisturizes and smooths the skin's surface,
    with immediate cooling effects and moisture-retention properties

Time for re-moisturizing your skin

Moisture line program, for use three times a week for two weeks

  • EYE BANANA 300
    Eye wrinkle patch
    EYE BANANA 300 (6EA)
    ALASKA (6EA)
    Mouth wrinkle patch
    SMile wings 350 (6EA)
    ALASKA (6EA)
  • WATER CUP 350
    Forehead wrinkle patch
    WATER CUP 350 (6EA)
    Face wrinkle patch
    eye banana 300(2ea)
    smile wings 350 (2ea)
    water cup 350 (2ea)

How to make moist skin with Needle Aqua

Once every 2-3 days, for at least two hours

  • ① Cleanse the adhesive side of
    the patch and allow to dry.

  • ② Open the pouch and remove
    the patch from the clear container.

  • ③ Remove the protective film from
    the patch without touching
    the aqua needles.

  • ④ Holding the edge of the patch,
    attach to the desired section
    of skin and press lightly until stuck firm.

  • ⑤ For maximum results, apply
    once every 2-3 days for
    at least two hours.

  • ⑥ Remove the patch after two hours
    and apply the ALASKA Patch, and
    allow to absorb for 20 minutes.


NEEDLE AQUA will restore beauty to your skin Revitalize your skin from the inside for a natural, wrinkle-free glow

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