A moment of peace for your tired mind

Don’t let fatigue bring you down. Hugbreo is your ideal relaxation partner, whenever you need, Lighten your day with Hugbreo – today!

Healing for tired of me

Working for a healthier, more peaceful life for all.

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Relaxing & Technology

We work continuously so that all our customers may enjoy more relaxing and stress-free moments.

  • medical science
    Created using theories of traditional Chinese acupuncture massage and modern biomagnetics.
  • Home Spa Relaxer
    On those lazy days when you just want to rest at home – simply and easily relieve bodily fatigue by yourself!
  • More Compact
    Small, light and portable, hugbreo can be used anytime, anywhere.

Air pressure eye relaxer hugbreo eye

Discover a water-feel eye massage! Making your eyes healthier.

Gentle air-pressure and heat technology lightly loosen and relax the tiny, tense muscles around the eyes. Soft, antimicrobial cotton around the eyes ensures a comfortable fit, while the massager’s band can be adjusted to suit a wearer of any size. It is both foldable and light-weight, allowing for easy storage and portability. Why not relieve your tired eyes with hugbreo eye.

Easy to use functions

Rechargeable Therapeutic

Neck and shoulder relaxer hugbreo spot

Experience the neck and shoulder massage, which are evocative of a ribbon

Merging oriental meridian massage and scientific technology, the hugbreo spot imitates hand-applied acupressure, relieving stress from the muscles around the neck. A thermal function and a rotating massage ball emulate a real-life massage, dispelling tension in the neck and shoulders and relaxing the mind, body, and soul. The gadget’s adjustable width allows for a customizable and flexible fit.

Easy to use functions

Rotation mode

hand realxer hugbreo palm

Try our hand massager in the shape of a golf glove! Revive your tired hands - revive your tired body!

The hugbreo palm massages the hands - often referred to as a ‘microcosm of the human body’ - using air pressure and gentle warmth, to reinvigorate the whole body. By evenly massaging both the fingers and the palms, this massager reduces bodily fatigue. Try the hugbreo palm today.

Easy to use functions

Rotation mode

mini multi relaxer hugbreo body

Try our mini, circular-shaped whole-body massager. Fitting easily into a handbag, the hugbreo body can be used anytime, anyplace

Light and small in size, the Hugbreo Body is easy to operate and convenient for all. Its ergonomic design allows for total-body use. Small in size but equipped with a high-performance motor, this massage has a cooling effect while allowing the user to select their desired massage strength. IPX5 waterproofing means the Hugbreo Body can be used with oils and lotions to more effectively relieve bodily fatigue.

Easy to use functions

Portable Multi

Anytime, Anywhere

The most perfect way to relax your fatigue. Start hugbreo, right now!

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